Feature Film • DP/EDITOR

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OVUM is distributed by The Orchard and Random Media

Written by Sonja O'Hara, Directed by Matt Ott

DP | Editor: Dan McBride

OVUM is a dark comedy following a quirky actress who will do anything for a part, who must give up a part of herself when her method acting project goes too far and she ends up selling her eggs.

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Best Picture - Big Apple Film Festival
Best Feature - Brooklyn Girl Film Festival
Best Comedy - Manhattan Film Festival
Indie Soul Special Recognition Award - Boston Intl. Film Festival

Quirky, queer and feminist as hell - GoMag

The cinematography by Dan McBride is tremendous, especially when focused on the dynamic between Calpurnia & Ellen. He takes advantage of the natural light that fills city apartments and rehearsal studios. Their warmth and energy together contrasting the winter outside.  - Rogue Cinema
Ovum will leave you fascinated—while disturbed—with its exacting survey of this at times perverse world of egg donation, and impressed with the tight artistic integrity displayed by the people behind it  - Splash Report

The performances are complemented by the cinematography, which is beautifully constructed to highlight the growing attraction between the two main characters, mainly through close–ups, and framing the two of them together. Conversely, the cinematography also works to make the ‘designer’ egg clinic seem cold and unnatural, at one point even framing Fiona (Karin Agstam) the Ovum–Coordinator’s, face in fragments, so she seems equally inhuman.  - UK Film Review